NIWP Barrel Building

Commercial General Contractor Project In Linden, CA

Northern Interior Wine Partners called upon FDC to help expand their existing facilities in Linden, CA. Phase one included constructing a new 50,400 SF Barrel Building into an existing contoured vineyard. Twenty-three thousand six hundred yards of soil had to be removed from this site and a 14 foot high retaining wall and drainage system was necessary to create space for the building and allow for the maximum amount of vineyard to remain. With the use of laser screeds and several ride-on steel trowels for finishing, the building slab, consisting of 1,423 yards of concrete, was poured in one day. With a Superintendent who lived on-site, this project was built in 5-months. FDC looks forward to building a long relationship with NIWP.

project features

Linden, CA

50,400 SF

Mike Smith Engineering