Facility Development Company (FDC) is a full service general contractor and construction management firm that has been serving the western states for over 40 years. We specialize in constructing wineries, wine caves, hospitality, restaurants, commercial kitchens, PEMBs and storage facilities. Headquartered in the North Bay Area city of Santa Rosa, FDC has a geographic portfolio that covers many of the western states including California, Oregon, and Washington.


With FDC’s pre-construction planning services, you benefit from a shared project vision, clear timelines, accurate cost estimates and minimum risk.

Design-build Construction

With a design-build construction firm like FDC, your project’s planning, design and construction progresses faster with fewer setbacks.

Winery Construction

Having broad knowledge and deep roots in the wine industry, FDC is proud to have a reputation of excellence with those in the wine business.

General Contractor

With FDC as your general contractor, you can expect your construction project to progress smoother with less cost overrun and fewer mistakes.

Pre-engineered Metal Building

FDC loves using pre-engineered metal buildings for commercial construction projects because they’re versatile, durable, and cost-efficient.

Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens

Combining your specific needs with FDC’s experience and expertise will help you create a space that will inspire your staff and impress your guests.