Pre-construction planning is a crucial phase to successful design-build construction. This period before we begin demolition or construction allows our general contractors to review and evaluate the constructability or feasibility of your project. During pre-construction planning, we finalize aspects of your project related to budgeting, scheduling and necessary permitting. And it is this extra layer of planning that allows FDC to complete all our projects on time, on budget and exactly as you imagined. As our client, you benefit from: 

  • Increased efficiency 
  • Prevention of issues and setbacks 
  • A clear, shared vision 
  • Early assessment of project feasibility 
  • Shared understanding of budgetary constraints 
  • Clearer project timelines 

What to Expect with Pre-construction Planning 

We meet with all involved parties including the owners, architects, engineers and subcontractors. By inviting all stakeholders to the table during pre-construction planning, we foster better communication, collaboration and coordination. That way, everyone has an idea of the size and scope of the project from start to finish and where their team fits into the process. During this stage, you can expect to: 

  • Review all plans, specifications, permits and other pertinent documents 
  • Review quality control hold points, documentation and reporting requirements 
  • Discussion of testing and inspection requirements 
  • Receive an accurate cost estimate 
  • Receive an accurate timetable for project completion 
  • Complete any value engineering studies 
  • Minimize risk and maximize project success 

Our project industries

Wineries and hospitality
Commercial and industrial spaces
Restaurants and commercial kitchens
Self-storage facilities

Our previous projects

Pre-construction Planning at FDC 

With pre-construction planning services with FDC, we guarantee that your construction project will progress smoothly and successfully. With every stakeholder understanding the project from start to finish, we can ensure the entire team moves forward quickly and effectively. By accounting for potential setbacks in advance, we minimize risk and maximize success. And by discussing project constraints and requirements, you can rest assured your project will be completed on time and within budget. 

If you’re considering a new commercial construction project in the Sonoma County area, contact FDC: a leader in the construction industry for over 50 years.