Design-build Construction

Design-build construction is a relatively newer approach to construction that brings together the design phase with both the engineering and the construction phase for a fluid, cohesive process. Traditional construction separates project planning and design from demolition and construction. In many ways there are some benefits to this approach, but there are many more disadvantages that arise from each separate stakeholder being unaware of the responsibilities of their fellows and the size and scope of the final project. With a design-build contractor, you benefit from: 

  • Increased efficiency 
  • Prevention of issues and setbacks 
  • A clear, shared vision 
  • Early assessment of project feasibility 
  • Shared understanding of project constraints and requirements 
  • Clearer project timelines and costs 

What to Expect from the Design-build Process 

The distinct advantage of design-build planning is that project acquisition, design, entitlement, construction and operation are viewed as inseparable parts of a whole. Each stakeholder, whether architect, engineer, subcontractor or project manager, is familiar with the step-by-step process, timelines and the final product. This keeps everyone invested in the project in order to most closely represent the client’s intended goals. With a design-build firm, you can expect: 

  • A single contract for both design and construction services 
  • A single point of contact (FDC) for all project-related communications 
  • Fewer change orders 
  • Receive an accurate cost estimate  
  • Receive an accurate timetable for project completion  
  • Complete any value engineering studies  
  • Minimize risk and maximize project success 

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Wineries and hospitality
Commercial and industrial spaces
Restaurants and commercial kitchens
Self-storage facilities

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FDC is Your Sonoma County Design-build Construction Firm 

With a design-build firm like FDC, we guarantee the success of your construction project. With the right design-build team, planning, design and construction progresses much quicker, with fewer setbacks and conflicts, and stays true to your original plan. We are dedicated to the delivery of a superior experience to our clients, so you can rest assured your project will be completed on time and within budget. 

If you’re considering a new commercial construction project in the Sonoma County area, contact FDC: a leader in the construction industry for over 50 years.