Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens

FDC has extensive experience working with both restaurants and commercial kitchens. We’ve worked on winery kitchen remodel and renovation projects, as well as complete restaurant buildouts. A construction company with experience working specifically in this industry presents unique benefits. For example, we know how to best optimize your kitchen’s space, what requirements must be met regarding ventilation, fire protection, etc., and how to maintain your restaurant’s aesthetic throughout the space. As our client, you’ll also benefit from: 

  • Increased efficiency 
  • Prevention of issues and setbacks 
  • A clear, shared vision 
  • Early assessment of project feasibility 
  • Shared understanding of project constraints and requirements 
  • Clearer project timelines and costs 

What to Expect from FDC for Your Commercial Kitchen Remodel 

As a design-build construction company, FDC handles the entire process from restaurant design to completion. That translates to just one contract and one comprehensive team working to make your vision for your new kitchen a reality. Not only does this cut down on costs and timelines, but it also means fewer mistakes thanks to a shared understanding of your goals.  

Our previous kitchen remodel, renovation and buildout projects 

FDC is Your Santa Rosa Restaurant Construction Company 

Deciding to remodel or renovate your kitchen or restaurant is a big decision. When it comes time to choose your contractor, choose one with the experience, industry-specific knowledge and commitment you deserve. Whether you are remodeling an existing commercial kitchen or building a brand-new restaurant, FDC has the knowledge and expertise you need. Our team can help you create the perfect kitchen to optimize your foodservice operation.  

If you’re considering a new restaurant or kitchen remodel project in the Sonoma County area, contact FDC: a leader in the construction industry for over 40 years.