Uses for Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings in Winery Construction

Ashes and Diamonds Winery construction project featuring pre-engineered metal buildings completed by FDC in Napa, CA
Ashes and Diamonds Winery construction project completed by FDC in Napa, CA

Inspiring Applications of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMBs) in Winery Construction 

Over the years, pre-engineered metal buildings have gained significant traction in the winery industry for their cost-effectiveness, durability, and adaptability. These versatile structures can be seamlessly integrated into all aspects of a winery’s operation, from fermentation rooms to barrel storage and stunning tasting rooms. 

In this article, we explore some of the diverse uses for pre-engineered metal buildings in winery construction and the versatile solutions they provide to the industry. 

Winery Hospitality Buildings 

Providing guests with an unforgettable experience is an important part of establishing a winery’s legacy. PEMBs provide the perfect canvas to create visitor-centric spaces that are a true reflection of a winery’s brand. From the exterior to the interior and floorplan, the beauty of these structures lies in their incredible design flexibility.  

Tasting Rooms  

Tasting rooms serve as the gateway for guests to experience the essence of a winery’s offerings. With PEMBs, wineries can create a welcoming environment that captivates visitors and elevates their tasting experience overall.  

The flexibility inherent in PEMBs enables wineries to infuse their tasting rooms with elements that align with their brand identity. From unique architectural features to natural lighting integration, every detail can be tailored to deliver an experience as exquisite as the wine itself.  

Hospitality and Event Spaces  

Whether showcasing wines and merchandise for purchase, providing dining options, or hosting private events, PEMBs can accommodate a variety of hospitality functions. They provide an ideal framework for seamlessly integrating these elements into the winery environment.  

The modular nature of PEMBs allows for efficient space planning, ensuring that every square foot is optimized to meet the needs of both guests and staff while also maintaining a cohesive design aesthetic. 

Case Study: Ashes & Diamonds Winery 

Ashes and Diamonds Winery construction project featuring pre-engineered metal buildings completed by FDC in Napa, CA
Ashes and Diamonds Winery construction project completed by FDC in Napa, CA

At FDC, we are proud to be a part of the team selected to bring the Ashes and Diamonds winery to life. The use of PEMBs allowed us to achieve a multisensory wine tasting experience where the architectural style, abundant natural light, and open campus concept foster a welcoming atmosphere. All of which perfectly encapsulates the sense of community and collaboration Ashes & Diamonds prioritizes. 

This winery construction project is a beautiful demonstration of how PEMBs are a versatile solution that can deliver both functionality and an unforgettable guest experience. 

Wine Production Facilities 

At any winery, the heart of operations lies within its wine production. Using PEMBs for production facilities can enhance operational efficiency and provide wineries with the flexibility to adapt to evolving needs and scale operations effectively. 

Processing Areas 

Pre-engineered metal buildings provide the flexibility to customize layouts according to specific production workflows. Whether it’s the arrangement of fermentation tanks or bottling lines, PEMBs can be tailored to accommodate the precise needs of the winemaking process. This adaptability ensures that every square foot of space is optimized for functionality, promoting seamless operations from grape to bottle. 

From small boutique operations to large-scale facilities, PEMBs can be tailored to suit varying production capacities and requirements. Their adaptability also ensures that wineries can scale their production capabilities to meet evolving market demands effectively. 

Barrel Ageing Storage 

Barrel aging is a critical stage in winemaking, where the character and complexity of the wine develop over time. Proper storage conditions are paramount to ensure the desired aging process occurs without compromising the quality of the wine. PEMBs offer innovative solutions for creating optimal barrel storage environments within winery facilities. 

From racking systems to temperature and humidity controls, PEMBs provide a customizable framework for barrel rooms. By integrating these specialized systems seamlessly into the building structure, wineries can maximize space while ensuring consistent quality across their barrel-aged offerings. 

Case Study: Kendall Jackson Winery

Kendall Jackson Winery construction project completed with pre-engineered metal buildings by FDC in Monterey, CA
Kendall Jackson Winery construction project completed by FDC in Monterey, CA

At Kendall Jackson Winery, the FDC team was tasked with expanding their facilities with a new 100,000-square-foot barrel storage building. Pre-engineered metal buildings proved to be the ideal solution for this project. The new building seamlessly integrates with the existing structures and houses an impressive 35,000 barrels (875,000 cases) of wine. The space also houses a dedicated barrel cleaning line and wine tanks, streamlining the production process for Kendall Jackson. 

Administrative Buildings 

Behind the scenes of every successful winery operation are administrative teams that facilitate essential management and coordination functions. PEMBs offer practical solutions for designing functional office facilities that accommodate the day-to-day activities of these winery staffers. 

Office Facilities 

Efficient office layouts are crucial for ensuring smooth administrative operations within wineries. PEMBs provide a cost-effective and flexible solution for creating office spaces that cater to the specific needs of winery administration. The versatile nature of PEMBs allows for modular configurations that maximize space and promote productivity. 

Case Study: Trinchero Family Winery

Trinchero Family Winery(Sutter Home) construction project featuring pre-engineered metal buildings completed by FDC in Lodi, CA
Trinchero Family Winery(Sutter Home) construction project completed by FDC in Lodi, CA

For over 15 years, FDC has partnered with Trinchero Family Estates to develop and expand their 297-acre wine processing facility. This site houses a high-volume production operation, including a tank farm with the capacity to process 50 million gallons of juice annually. To efficiently manage this large-scale operation, the property also includes administrative buildings. These office spaces, constructed using pre-engineered metal buildings, provide a functional and cost-effective solution for all the facilities’ administrative needs. 

Harnessing the Versatility of PEMBs in Winery Construction 

From hospitality-centric spaces to production facilities and administrative areas, PEMBs offer multifaceted solutions tailored to the diverse needs of wineries. The adaptability and efficiency inherent in PEMBs make them an ideal choice for winery construction projects. 

At FDC we have completed hundreds of winery construction projects throughout Northern California. With over 50 years of experience deeply rooted in the development of the wine country, we understand the importance of delivering projects with the highest degree of quality and design integrity. To learn more about our winery general contractor services or our use of pre-engineered metal buildings please contact us today.