What are the Benefits of Pre-Construction Planning?

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Why Pre-Construction Planning is Important for Any Design-Build Project

If you are searching for a design-build firm that can successfully complete your project on-time and on-budget, it is important to consider their experience with the pre-construction phase. Pre-construction planning is an imperative element to any Sonoma County design-build project, whether it be winery and brewery construction, estate and home builds, or numerous other endeavors.

It is during this phase that your commercial or residential project will be reviewed and evaluated to minimize risk and maximize success.

What Happens During the Pre-Construction Phase?

This phase of the design-build process will ensure that project requirements and goals can be met in a timely manner while remaining within the client’s budget. During this phase, the owners, architects, engineers, and contractors will complete a thorough review of plans, specifications, schedules, submittal data, quality control hold points, and other pertinent documents.

An experienced design-build firm will implement a strategic plan to ensure any unforeseen events or changes in schedule are handled appropriately, without compromising the ultimate success of the project.

Why is the Pre-Construction Planning Phase Important?

There are many benefits to the pre-construction planning phase for all parties involved in the project. Let’s take a look at a few, below:

A Pre-Construction Plan Defines the Objective of the Project

Beginning work without a clear objective could be disastrous for any construction project. An experienced design-build firm will know how to set clear goals, as well as understand how to achieve them in the most logical and profitable ways.

The implementation of a pre-construction plan by your design build firm will ensure the key players involved in the project work in harmony toward the success of the project. Everyone will have a clear idea of what needs to be achieved and know exactly how to execute their roles in the plan.

Set a Schedule with a Pre-Construction Plan

A pre-construction plan will help determine the project deadline, while implementing a schedule to ensure that all tasks are completed on time. With a pre-determined schedule, key milestones of the project are more likely to be met on time.

This part of the pre-construction planning phase gives the entire team the opportunity to provide their input on how to best stick to the project timeline.

Estimate the Costs of a Project During the Pre-Construction Planning Phase

It is during the pre-construction planning phase that the cost of the project is estimated. An experienced design-build firm will be able to provide an accurate estimate for the work to follow, and stick to those estimates throughout the entirety of the project.

The pre-construction plan helps ensure all elements of the project’s costs will be accounted for, without any unnecessary surprises along the way.

Prevent Problems with a Pre-Construction Plan

With a clearly defined objective, schedule, and estimate of costs, your design-build project should be smooth and successful. But if unforeseen events and problems occur, it is important to have considered these risks and issues during the pre-construction phase. Accounting for potential obstacles and setbacks will help everyone on the team move forward with quick and effective resolutions.

FDC Understands the Importance of Pre-Construction Planning

As a design-build firm that has worked on numerous commercial and residential projects in Sonoma County, Facility Development Company understands the value of a pre-construction plan. Contact us today and find out how we will exceed your expectations, while meeting your timeline and budget.