The Benefits of Experience in Winery Construction

Advantages of Working with an Experienced Winery Contractor 

Whether you’re building from the ground up, or you are planning a facility expansion or remodel, finding the best contractor for your winery construction project is essential. There are a number of unique stresses and requirements that come along with creating an efficient winery construction strategy. As with so many endeavors, relevant experience can translate into a more seamless, and efficient process. So if you are looking for a way to smoothly navigate the intricacy of a winery construction project, vetting your winery construction contractor for experience should be a key consideration. 

In this article, we outline why finding the most experienced winery contractor can be instrumental to the success of your construction project.

Comprehensive Strategy

An invaluable step in the design-build process is preconstruction planning. During this phase, the owners, designers, engineers, and builders collaborate to create a comprehensive project strategy. This is essential to ensuring that you and your team all have an inclusive understanding of the full scope of the project.

This plan will clearly define the specific responsibilities and requirements for each member of the team and outline the project’s specifications, schedules, submittal data, quality control hold points, and other pertinent documentation.

When you hire a firm that has extensive experience in winery design and construction, they will have preexisting knowledge of industry regulations and permit requirements. This insight minimizes risks and maximizes the success of your build by reducing the likelihood of project delays and their incurred costs.

Winery Design Expertise

When it comes to winery design, hiring a firm with in-depth experience in the wine industry is important. Choosing a commercial design-build firm with well-rounded experience in all phases of wine production ensures that you are partnering with professionals who understand the big picture and how each aspect may affect another. 

Your contractor will understand that each facet of your winery will require specific functions and will need to hold up to industry regulations, requirements, and best practices. An experienced design team will have no problem adhering to these standards and can create a space that serves its essential functions with unique and striking composition. 

Value Engineering

Value engineering is the process of identifying ways to reduce cost requirements, while maintaining the same level of function, thus increasing the value of the finished product. With experience comes the knowledge required to apply this process to every aspect of a build, from conception to completion. 

A commercial contractor who understands the ins and outs of the wine industry can maximize your budget by providing informed cost comparisons of materials and methods. This in turn allows your team to relocate those funds to other aspects of the build, or reduce the cost of your project entirely, all while delivering high-value results.


From the very start of a project, an experienced contractor understands that adaptability is a key factor in ensuring your winery’s ultimate success. In fact, many wineries experience at least one major expansion project within their first five years of opening.

Your team will work with you to ensure your establishment will meet the requirements and expectations of a constantly evolving industry. Whether to increase production, accommodate new workflows, or integrate new technologies, the expected growth is always taken into consideration.

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