Why Are More Businesses Using Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings?

4 Advantages of PEMBs for Commercial Construction Projects

There are several advantages to using pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) that have made them a go-to construction model in a multitude of industries. As these buildings continue to dot our landscape, you may wonder why they are so popular.

Here’s a look at why more people are choosing prefab metal buildings for their commercial construction projects.

Shorter Build Time

Every day a commercial building is incomplete represents a time a client is spending money rather than making it. A PEMB can greatly reduce the construction time of your project. With the bulk of the project pre-engineered and constructed off-site to exacting, tested, and trusted specifications, constructing a PEMB can be an incredibly time-efficient solution to any commercial build.


Pre-engineered metal buildings are extremely durable.  Because PEMBs are constructed of steel, they will not warp, rot, sag, shrink, or attract wood-eating pests.

The galvanized steel used in PEMBs is treated with a moisture-resistant coating, which makes it impervious to rust and corrosion. Pre-engineered metal buildings are also engineered to better withstand earthquakes than any other building material, making them an obvious choice in terms of durability.   


PEMBs are economical. From design, scheduling, and estimating, to construction and maintenance, choosing a PEMB saves both time and money.

Construction Savings

With a reduced construction schedule and labor costs, a PEMB commercial construction project can expect to see significant construction savings. Once the engineering and design of your PEMB is complete, your building components are manufactured and shipped ready to bolt together. This can dramatically decrease on-site labor costs as your construction team simply assembles and erects the building, with no need for cutting and welding.

Maintenance Savings

The durable steel and tested design of a PEMB also make it easy to maintain. A weather-resistant coating is applied to the roof and wall panels to preserve their color and make them resistant to dirt as well. The steel structures are also resistant to mold and pests, greatly reducing the cost of upkeep required to maintain your PEMB.


The versatility of these prefabricated commercial buildings cannot be understated. They make aesthetically pleasing retail spaces, warehouses, wineries, manufacturing plants, schools, offices, work-live complexes, homes, and churches. The possibilities are endless.


Manufacturers of pre-engineered metal buildings can create components featuring different textures, shapes, and colors. A building can be designed to fit in with surrounding structures, stand out and make a statement, or even speak to a business’s unique brand and style. If a more traditional look is preferred, the design can even be tweaked to mimic a stick-built structure.


In addition, as your business grows, your PEMB can expand with it. The component nature and standardized design make facility expansions much simpler and more cost-effective than with a traditional structure.

The advantages of PEMB construction are clear: shorter build time, durability, economy, and versatility. That makes it an obvious choice. The next step is finding a contractor with an excellent track record and extensive experience with PEMB construction.

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