Sustainable Winery Construction with Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

The Benefits of Using Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMBs) in Your Sustainable Winery Construction Project

You may have heard the words “organic” and “biodynamic” when a winery talks about their eco-friendly farming and winemaking practices, but did you know that their sustainability efforts can also include their architecture? More and more, wineries are looking to go green — not only with the wines they create — but the facilities in which they are produced.

By investing in smart and sustainable solutions like pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs), winery owners can reduce their waste and water use, decrease their energy consumption, and much more. Pre-engineered metal buildings provide flexible design and building options, allowing wineries to include all of their necessities within their construction. Offices, crush pads, fermentation rooms, barrel storage, tasting rooms, and more can be both functional and attractive, while meeting the highest sustainability standards.

Let’s take a look at a few of the many benefits a pre-engineered metal building can provide for wineries, below:

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Use Sustainable Building Materials

For many winery owners in the Northern California Wine Country, sourcing sustainable construction materials is an important factor in their design-build project. FDC has been providing clients with pre-engineered metal buildings since 1972, and can attest to their environmental benefits. We recommend PEMBs to our clients because steel is one of the most recyclable and eco-friendly metals. In fact, various types of steel products already contain a significant amount of recycled material and the steel within pre-engineered metal buildings is no exception.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Save Energy While Maximizing Production

Because pre-engineered metal buildings are custom-designed, each client is able to implement unique initiatives to increase energy efficiency. Insulated walls, windows, doors, and foundations can help maintain indoor temperatures, while roofs can be designed to support solar panels or collect rainwater. 

With PEMBs designed and constructed by Facility Development Company, winery owners will be able to meet their sustainability goals with a durable, versatile, and attractive facility.

Impress Guests and Employees with Sustainable Initiatives

It is no surprise that many wineries in Sonoma and Napa counties are utilizing sustainable architecture design in their winery construction. People all over the world are working to reduce their own ecological footprint on the earth and are excited to support businesses who have the same goals. Guests who visit sustainable wineries built with pre-engineered metal buildings are impressed with the attractive and eco-friendly environments PEMBs are able to provide.

Going green with a PEMB is perfect for the winery owner who also considers the health and well-being of the people who use the building on a regular basis. Employees — whether in the office, tasting room, or production facility — will also reap the benefits of working within a sustainable PEMB. 

For example, the “pre-engineering” of a PEMB means that the materials used in the build are finished away from the jobsite. This can dramatically reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful substances in the air. PEMBs are also easy to expand upon, ensuring the comfort and efficiency of your team as it continues to grow.

Get More Sustainable Winery Construction Solutions From the PEMB Experts at FDC

If you are a winery owner looking to design and build your new facility in Sonoma County or Napa County, FDC is here to help. With four decades of experience working with some of the most prominent wine brands in Northern California, we can help narrow down the endless possibilities PEMBs provide. We will help you construct the sustainable winery of your dreams.

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