4 Tasting Room Design Ideas for Winery Construction Projects

Consider these Tasting Room and Hospitality Designs to Make Your Winery Construction Project Stand Out

The northern region of California is synonymous with fine wine and Sonoma and Napa counties lead the way as a premier destination for some of the most sought-after winery experiences in the world. Winemakers put an extraordinary amount of care into the wines they make, and this fervor is reflected in their establishments as well. Creating a uniquely memorable space for wine connoisseurs to sample varietals is an important step in establishing a winery’s legacy. Visitors travel from all over the world to sample wines throughout the Sonoma and Napa Valley wine regions, so it’s important to deliver an experience as exquisite as the wine. The following are some of our favorite tasting rooms and hospitality spaces that truly elevate the guest experience.

1.   Murrieta’s Well Winery: Creating an Unforgettable Event Venue while Preserving a Historical Landmark

Exterior of Winery in Livermore CA

Murrieta’s Well Winery in Livermore dates back to the 1800s and is one of California’s original gravity flow wine estates. The tasteful renovation of Murrieta’s Well highlights the rich history and charm of its past while providing an enchanting setting for special events of the present.

The new terrace, outdoor patios, and sculpted landscaping, frame the historical landmark and provide an inviting space that seamlessly accentuates the timeless estate. Interior renovations included removal of the second floor offices to create space for additional hospitality rooms, tastings bars, and even a bridal suite. The mix of historical architecture with a touch of modern flare creates an ambiance that is simply unforgettable.

2.   The Prisoner Wine Company: A Tasting Room Designed to Break the Norm

a wine tasting room in the Prison Wine Company

The Prisoner Wine Company in Napa, CA wanted a tasting room that was as modern and edgy as their flagship wine. FDC delivered with the construction of a bold and modern tasting room that transformed a traditional Napa Valley winery into a unique and modern space.

Spacious interiors filled with natural light, bold architecture designs, communal seating, and the work of local artisans litter the space making this a one-of-a-kind winery experience that breaks free from the norm.

3.   Titus Vineyards Winery: Tasting Room Design that Incorporates the Natural Environment

Wine tasting room overlooking vineyards

Titus Vineyards’ tasting room in St. Helena, CA highlights the beautiful scenery and grounds of its vineyard estate. During construction, a berm was created to raise the facility above the surrounding vines for a gorgeous view. At this vantage point, one can see across the vineyards all the way to the Napa River.

The winery’s views are emphasized by the construction and design of the tasting room. With elegant sliding glass doors, abundant natural light, and wood slatted walls and ceilings one’s eyes are drawn to the outside. Titus Vineyards’ clean design flawlessly integrates the beautiful landscape into the winery experience. The full panoramic views of the valley is the epitome of this stunning tasting room.

4.   Kosta Browne Winery: Tasting Room Design that Emphasizes the Art of Winemaking

Winery Construction in Sonoma and Napa County

The Kosta Browne Winery in Sebastopol, CA customized a pre-engineered metal building to create an intimate tasting room within their production facilities. This space is designed to elevate the private tasting experience while showcasing the behind-the-scenes production of the winery’s premium wines.

The FDC team worked with the winery for over a year to design and construct a highly functional production facility complete with a picturesque tasting room. This tasting room design emphasizes Kosta Brown’s intimate approach to winemaking and provides members with a comfortable exclusive setting to enjoy a private tasting.

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