3 Winery Remodel Ideas that Require Design-Build Expertise

Experienced Design-Build Firms Help with Winery Remodels

For the last 40 years, Facility Development Company has worked with over 100 wineries in Northern California — in fact, FDC’s roots started in the wine industry. Our years of design-build experience with winery remodel and construction projects has helped Sonoma and Napa County winemakers reach peak production potential.

FDC specializes in the following winery remodel and build projects:

  • New Facility Studies and Design
  • Existing Facility Expansions
  • Hospitality and Experiences
  • Tank Farms
  • Process Waste

Our design-build team infuses amenity and utility into every winery remodel project to ensure you are getting the most out of your production facility.  Let us help you design and build a production facility that amplifies your operation output and sets you apart as a leader in the industry!

1. Expand Production with Barrel and Tank Rooms

The process of aging wine, whether in an oak barrel or a stainless steel tank, can never be rushed, and requires sophisticated thought and care. Every winemaker knows the process of maturing wine is essential to the evolution of its flavor palette. 

FDC can help you expand your winemaking process with the design and building of barrel or tank rooms. Whether you have unused space that is prime for conversion or require additional buildings to house your barrels and tanks, FDC will seamlessly guide you through the design-build process in your winery construction project.

Barrel Room Design-Build for Kendall Jackson

barrel room in a winery housing hundreds of wine barrels for aging

Kendall Jackson entrusted FDC’s design build team to add a new 100,000 SF barrel room to their existing wine fermentation and grape processing buildings in Monterey California. Their new barrel room houses a barrel cleaning line and wine storage tanks, as well as 35,000 barrels of wine.

By combining functionality and sophistication, the new barrel room at Kendall Jackson provides the perfect area for their wines to mature. At FDC, our goal is to offer you the highest degree of value while never compromising on design integrity.

2. Get the Most Out of Your Harvest with a Covered Crush Pad

FDC is familiar with the needs of winery production and can ensure your crush pad offers functionality year round. To get through every crush season your crush pad needs to be easy to clean and durable. This area also needs to be big enough to safely and comfortably accommodate winery workers.

Imagine the benefits a covered crush pad could provide your facility year round. This area can be used during slower times of the year to store extra equipment while keeping it protected from environmental elements.

Having adequate space, and easy access to essential machinery will ensure a smooth and successful harvest season. Our team will design an area that is both aesthetically pleasing and meets all your production requirements.

3. Upgrade Your Waste Processing and Septic Solutions

A key resource used at every winery and throughout the wine making process is water. The amount of water used at a winery will vary seasonally, and the subsequent amount of water waste is influenced by the production process.

FDC understands that having a reliable septic system at your winery is essential to your waste water management. Our knowledgeable team is here to implement or improve your existing waste treatment process.

Trust The Design-Build Experts at FDC with Your Sonoma County Winery Remodel

At Facility Development Company, our experienced design-build team will handle the entire permitting process, and will make sure your winery construction project is completed on time and on budget.

We want to work with you to make your Santa Rosa or Napa County winery and production facility the best it can be. Contact us today to learn more about FDC’s commitment to excellence and how we can help make your dreams a reality.