Twin Hills Winery

Estimated to have been built in the early 1920s, the old red house on Pleasant Hill Road in Sebastopol, CA has been a landmark for Sonoma County natives for decades. From picking apples, pumpkins, or Christmas trees, to buying candy in the gift shop or accompanying children on field trips, people love to share the memories they have made on the property. One woman even stopped by the construction site to share with the owner that she was born in the old red house. With a love of history and tradition, the Twin Hills Tasting Room will continue to honor the old red house on the property. The tasting room will have the same footprint and look of the original house but will also have 1,600 SF of outdoor patio space for guests to relax and enjoy the fruits of the estate. FDC is honored to have been selected to build the Twin Hills Tasting Room – and to be a part of its history.

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Sebastopol, CA

1,600 SF Tasting Room Remodel
1,600 SF outdoor patios

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