Zazu Kitchen + Farm

November 19, 2013

To anyone looking for the most amazing team to build out your dreams,

GO FDC! We could not have been more satisfied with their work throughout the entire process. They began with us on the budget and architectural design faze for our new restaurant at the Barlow in Sebastopol. Steve was very conscientious and honest through our budget process that had no wiggle room. He listened intently and throughout proved to be a person with integrity of his word. The FDC team that took it from there climbed any hurdle helping us to secure all permits necessary. Then the project management by Chuck and Tyler was formidable. They solved problem after problem with grace because of their incredible ideas, contacts, and persistence. They made our space a place I adore being in. What they build is beautiful. They completed our project in a timely matter when our time line was critical to not loosing our employees, our livelihood, and our liquor license. I have heard build out store after store of timelines or budgets gone awry. FDC came in under budget and ahead of schedule. In all honest, unheard of. We actually truly miss our FDC team. So few people can seem to do what they say in the timeline they have agreed to. We needed them to and they delivered. They were an absolute joy. Please come to the restaurant and see what they build and ask us in person. You want FDC as your team.

Duskie Estes & John Stewart
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