Robert Mondavi Winery

May 2, 2012

Subject: Facility Development Corporation

To Whom it May Concern,

Robert Mondavi Winery has worked with Facility Development Corp. on many projects over several years. We have worked together on both large and small projects and I’m veyr happy to say that we have always been pleased with the results.

Over the entire span that we have worked with FDC, our main contact has been Dave Kincaid. Dave has the unique ability to understand our needs, given his extensive background of being involved with several winery projects, and his patience and realistic approach to meeting our needs has always been appreciated.

Working with FDC has always felt more like a partnership than a contractor/client working relationship. We often have projects that have been “on again, off again” and we have appreciated the patience that Dave and the FDC team have shown.

Another strength of FDC is their ability to project costs for a project. Again, this is attributable to their extensive experience. They don’t come back and deliver projected costs that they think we want to hear. They come back with costs that are realistic for the project.

We have also enjoyed working with the FDC staff that manage their jobs. Their team has always been cooperative, friendly and understand what their jobs are.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions about specific projects that we have worked on with FDC.


Glenn Workman
Vice President/General Manager
Robert Mondavi Winery

P.O. Box 106
7801 St. Helena Hwy.
Oakville, CA 94562