Design / Build Construction

Design-Build Construction integrates the multiple disciplines of design, engineering, and construction into one process.

  • Aerial View of the Barlow Center Sebastopol

Facility Development Company is dedicated to the delivery of superior value to our clients. We achieve this goal by integrating the multiple disciplines of design, engineering and construction into one process called Design-Build. The distinct advantage of Design-Build is that project acquisition, design, entitlement, construction and operation are viewed as inseparable parts of a whole that culminate in the delivery of a project which most closely represents the client’s original goals. When the right design-build team is assembled, the entire process is simpler for the owner, takes much less time, and avoids the pitfalls and conflicts that typify the older and more archaic approaches to designing and constructing a project.

With our Design-Build Team you can expect the following:

Design-Build Projects include: